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Worshop - High Performance Teams


On Saturday, 09/22/2018, 22 employees of the parent participated in the Workshop on Protagonism in High Performance Teams.
The Shirlei Rescarolli Corporate Educator, through theoretical knowledge and practical activities, was able to educate employees about themes related to the systemic vision of the business, how to be a partner of leaderships and contribute proactively to solving problems.
One of the main objectives of the Workshop was to teach how employees should do to be a protagonist in technical and behavioral action. The speaker also mentioned how to focus on the result, be an example, acting in an organized and quality way.
Techniques were discussed on how to improve communication, how to be clear and effective. In the issue of interpersonal relationships, employees learned how to act with empathy and intelligence, adding value to the organizational climate and team.
Overall, the event was satisfactory. It is hoped that the knowledge acquired can contribute to professional and personal performance and that everyone can be even better players and professionals.