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Sustainable Managing



Quimisa has had its participation highlighted for the fourth consecutive year in the DOWGOL event, which rewards companies that fulfill goals aimed at sustainable management (safety, environment, quality and social responsibility). DOWGOL celebrated 10 years and had the participation of 350 people – all Dow’s logistic partners.

Quimisa was represented by the Administrative/Financial Director – Mr. Rogério Wehmuth, SIG’s Manager – Glederson Hort and the driver who has had notability in safety – João Sebastião Gomes.

Quimisa was the only company rewarded in the Distributor category.

Some aspects have contributed for this achievement:

-          No serious or moderate accident in transportation

-          No serious accident in the site

-          Keeping the PRODIR

-          Keeping the Safety Recognition Program

-          Working with SASSMAQ transporter (close to 100%)

-          Sending updated certificates

-          Having a team trained in the Program Eyes on the Road

-          Sending the team’s observations regarding the program

-          Sending procedures for the analysis of accidents

-          Sending the study and causes of an occurred accident (even small a one)

-          Sending the accidents, almost accidents and incidents pyramid

-          Sending sustainability projects with focus on:

-          Reduction of emission Green House effect gases;

-          Reduction of consumption of natural resources.

-          Sending evidence of participation in a social project

-          Adhering the program Na Mão Certa

-          Zero revalidation/returning of Dow products