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Selo Verde certificate highlights socio-environmental responsibility


In July, Quimisa received the Selo Verde certificate from the Jornal do Meio Ambiente, of São Paulo, Brazil. Selo Verde is an environmental certificate that attests to the commitment of companies with sustainable development and good environmental practices.


The assessment criteria involve the proper use and disposal of water and effluents, energy, raw materials, waste, atmospheric emissions and environmental education. Jornal do Meio Ambiente conducts intense research with environmental agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels, while analyzing information provided by companies regarding the use of natural resources. Finally, it recognizes, encourages and honors those who, through their management, practice and encourage sustainable development and preservation of the environment.


Because it meets all the criteria analyzed, Quimisa was awarded the Selo Verde of social and environmental responsibility. This recognition shows that the company's actions are in line with its Strategic Vision, which highlights "... preservation of the environment, becoming a source of pride for employees, shareholders and the community."