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Quimisa starts distributing Thor’s biocides for the South and Southeast regions



Quimisa, distributor of chemical products, has closed a partnership with Thor do Brasil for the distributing of the biocides line (bactericides, fungicides and algaecides) in the South and Southeast regions, except for the state of Santa Catarina.

The deal was announced in October and for Assis Aparecido de Lima, senior technical salesman of Thor do Brasil, “with this partnership Quimisa will enhance its portfolio and it will enhance Thor in the clients attendance and support”, he says.

According to Lima, Quimisa was the choice because it is an acclaimed brand in the market, it has a team in the South and interest in increasing the team in the Southeast. The executive also highlights that Thor’s projection for 2012 is growing 15% in the biocide market, and 80% of this growing will be conquered by the company’s distributors.

Elisabete Pires Chagas, from Quimisa’s commercial area that deals with paint, states that the distribution deal made with the multinational company will enhance the distributor’s participation on the paint segment, and will also fortify the company’s acting and stimulate new partnerships.